BGP Peering DIY

Having worked on BGP for a couple of decades, it is fascinating to have own ASN and Prefixes. As a hobby, this is a budget project leveraging free, or low cost services.

  • RIPE ASN: €30 one time from Bakker IT
  • IPv6 Prefixes: Free from SecureBit, and a generous gift from ZX
  • BGP Upstream:
    • $2.5/month Vultr in NJ, US (Lowest plan only in US)
    • €1.75/month Virtua.Host in Paris, FR (EU POP is desirable for RIPE ASN)

First Year Cost: $88

Including misc fees

How to Verify

The V6 Peering Graph is as follows, now it has 4 upstream peers

Summary of ASN Routing and Peering